Surviving Peak Period | While Keeping Your Sanity Intact

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Peak period always means increased work volume, high pressure, and intense stress. Despite what you may think, you can improve morale and productivity during this time.

3 Ways to Lessen the Stress

1. Counselor on Duty

Establishing a counselor(s) to manage the incoming traffic allows the other staff to better manage their workload. Rotate those on duty to spread the responsibility.

2. Show Appreciation

We all know what peak period has in store for us, and we know it’s just part of the job. But, take some time to tell one another what a difference their work makes. Everyone’s working hard, but not everyone gets the acknowledgement for doing so.

3. Use a Phone Message

As much as you may initially cringe at having your students and their family’s call you, then hear a recording, you may actually be enhancing student service by doing so. Most people are calling to ask the same questions. If you can keep the initial message they hear brief, but address these common questions, you save them from long phone wait times, while simultaneously continuing to serve the students right in front of you, or on your desk.