Testimonials and Case Studies

Why Choose Us?

With a 30+ year track record of satisfied higher education school clients across the country, our team of higher education and financial aid consultants are some of the best in the industry. Our consultants have spent decades in the field working in all aspects of financial aid and higher education assessment and administration.

With expertise encompassing Title IV compliance; remote and interim staffing; file review and verification services; office evaluations, procedures and training; and technology solutions, we have the experience to help you streamline and manage your financial aid compliance program and related student service areas.

Read our testimonials and case studies and hear what our clients have to say.


Our university was between Student Financial Aid directors at the time that my program became eligible for Title IV student loans. SFA simply did not have the bandwidth or the knowledge of Title IV procedures and regulations that we needed. HEAG very efficiently surveyed the state of affairs with our eligibility, helped us navigate the process, kept us in compliance, and led us to an approval that prevented us from losing a critical recruitment season. They were also exceptionally helpful while getting to know them by providing me with references of past clients, who sang the praises of HEAG as loudly as I am doing now. They are wonderful people to work with, as well

Stephen L. Forssell, Ph. D. Founding Director, Graduate Program in LGBT Health Policy & Practice

HEAG assisted us with finding a highly-experienced interim replacement for our Director of Financial Aid who was able to hit the ground running and provide a smooth transition as we searched for a permanent replacement.

Andrew Palumbo
Assistant VP for Enrollment Management
Worcester Polytechnic Institute 


Assumption retained HEAG to provide remote verification during a period of transition for our Financial Aid department. The partnership successfully allowed the Financial Aid staff to allocate more time and resources to providing students and families with a high level of service without falling behind on processing verification files. HEAG established an excellent system for our consultant to work remotely, maximizing the effectiveness of their time and resulting in a strong work product. The success of the partnership was due in large part to the excellent communication established by HEAG with our institution and department. We were incredibly pleased with this collaboration and would highly encourage other financial aid colleagues to partner with HEAG.

William Smith
Director of Financial Aid


We have utilized the services of the Higher Education Assistance Group for a number of years to assist with staffing and special projects.  The consultants are talented professionals who possess a high level of expertise in financial aid and regulatory compliance.

Anne-Marie Caruso
Director of Financial Aid
Wentworth Institute of Technology


HEAG consultants went above and beyond to help us set up all Title IV processes, especially with respect to regulatory compliance, and they were highly knowledgeable about what needed to be done. Our financial aid coordinator, who is an HEAG consultant, works directly with students and is highly responsive to their needs and ours.  

Glasgow Caledonian NYC

Two years ago, Vermont Law School contacted HEAG to assist us in filling a temporary financial aid position.  We were so pleased with the consultant’s professionalism and financial aid expertise, that we went back to HEAG a year later to assist with another position.  Beth and the team understood our needs and were able to meet them.  We will not hesitate to contact HEAG in the future.

Kathy Hartman
Associate Dean for Enrollment Management
Vermont Law School

HEAG assisted our Financial Aid Office with a compliance review and efficiency study.  We were extremely impressed with their professionalism, thoroughness, and competence throughout the entire process.  In the final review, we were particularly impressed with their willingness to sit with different members of our management team in order to emphasize the importance financial aid has in all areas of the campus, and to assist us in steps necessary for campus compliance.  Our experience with HEAG was tremendously beneficial and we would recommend their services to other colleges and universities.

Adrienne Montgomery
Director of Financial Aid
Pine Manor College

HEAG’s  professionalism and understanding of the issues STCC was facing made it so easy to work with you to resolve our short-term challenges and develop a blueprint for the future of our Financial Aid Office operations. Your flexibility and genuine customer-service orientation are greatly appreciated. I will confidently recommend your services to my colleagues in search of similar assistance.

Patrick Tigue, Ed.D.
Vice President for Enrollment Management/Student Affairs
Springfield Technical Community College

We have always been able to count on HEAG to provide us with experienced help to assist with file review during our peak times.

Karen Derouin
Director of Financial Aid
Holyoke Community College

HEAG consulting brought Ray Nault to our college, and Ray worked wonders with our processes using Banner. Being new to Banner, I needed detailed guidance on setting up the year roll, SAP, using web access for students and automating packaging and missing information notices. Ray’s patience and expertise enabled New England Tech to greatly improve our service to students.

Anna Kelly
Director of Financial Aid

The HEAG team was extremely helpful, supportive, and what we needed to help get us to a much better place. Martin University was facing some compliance issues and HEAG made it so easy to work with their consultants to resolve our institutional challenges and develop a blueprint for the future of our Financial Aid Office operations. The support from HEAG for helping us review our entire financial aid department from top to bottom was extremely helpful. The staff was amazing and knowledgeable and the mentoring of myself as a new director and for my replacement was extremely helpful. Your flexibility and genuine customer-service orientation are greatly appreciated. I will confidently recommend your services to my colleagues in search of similar assistance.

Dr. Michael A. Couch II
Martin University

Phenomenal support of our Financial Aid and Student AR and Banner related processes.

Jeff Bickford
Northern Essex Community College
Chief Information Officer


It was a good experience. When I made the request and described what we needed I felt our needs were understood and the consultant met those needs.

Mary Ellen Severance
Director of Financial Aid

We partnered with HEAG in 2020 to support Financial Aid Office operations due to staff transitions in the leadership position. As a result, FA office operations are standardized, cross-functional relationships are stronger and Title IV compliance is at the forefront of institutional priorities. We’re glad we made the call!

Bruce Murphy
Centenary University
President and Professor

Case Studies

Stetson University is a private, undergraduate institution with approximately 4400 students located in DeLand, Florida. In addition, this office is responsible for financial aid processing for Stetson Law School which is located in Gulfsport, Florida. Stetson University reached out to The Higher Education Assistance Group, inc. (HEAG) to conduct a review of the Banner financial aid module to help them to improve with the processing of student financial aid and loan applications.

The challenge at Stetson was that although the staff knew that some changes and improvements were necessary, they were very comfortable with the way things were going.  This is a familiar scenario at many aid offices. HEAG college financial aid advisors met with the staff and used the approach of how to work smarter not harder and ensure them that these system enhancements would make their jobs easier and better.

Over several months of hard work, the result is an office that has embraced technology as a way to improve customer service, ensure integrity of their financial aid programs, and more importantly, enhance both the quality and quantity of the work load. While Stetson is still tweaking processing and policies, the transformation is a remarkable achievement for the financial aid team.

Victoria College is a two year college located in Victoria, Texas. Victoria College reached out to HEAG for help with the Direct Loan reconciliation function as a first year participant in the program. Like many schools, the transition to the Direct Loan program was challenging. Victoria College was able to participate in HEAG ‘s very popular  Webinar training series. More information on our webinars is provided on our website at www.heag.us.

HEAG’s webinar series is an excellent way to bring the training and specialized expertise to the school.  In addition, the school was able to get this information in a cost effective way –FREE.

After Victoria College participated in the webinars, HEAG continued to work with Victoria College in a remote capacity.  HEAG was able to train the school on how to reconcile the Direct Loan program using Direct Loan Tools  in a timely and cost effective manner.