Office Evaluations, Procedures & Training

“HEAG assisted our Financial Aid Office with a compliance review and efficiency study. We were extremely impressed with their professionalism, thoroughness, and competence throughout the entire process. In the final review, we were particularly impressed with their willingness to sit with different members of our management team in order to emphasize the importance financial aid has in all areas of the campus, and to assist us in steps necessary for campus compliance.”
– Pine Manor College

Reviewing Financial Aid Office Operations

HEAG can help your financial aid office improve efficiency and customer services. Our team of consultants can offer an objective assessment of your office operations, policies and procedures. Based on our analysis, our knowledge of current technology and our understanding of trends in student services, we will provide you with a financial aid office review and are available to help with financial aid staffing and office training programs .

Our financial aid consulting services include:

  • Conducting workflow process reviews
  • Performing efficiency studies
  • Streamlining processes to allow for better use of staff’s time
  • Outlining new policies based on regulatory changes
  • Reviewing financial and accounting processes and practices, reporting and controls
  • Reviewing organizational structures and preparing staffing plans
  • Identifying technology to improve processing of student financial aid and loan applications
  • Regulatory Compliance and reviews of federal student aid programs

Financial Aid Policy and Financial Aid Procedure Manuals

Schools must demonstrate that they have administrative capability when administering Title IV funds.  It is the school’s responsibility to ensure that all Title IV requirements outlined in the law and regulations are being met.  Federal regulations require schools to have written policies and procedures. While a manual is not required, experience shows having a manual assists schools in:

  • Implementing and adhering to regulations
  • Implementing and adhering to established procedures and Financial Aid Best Practices
  • Assisting with understanding how changes in regulations will effect operations
  • Assisting and streamlining the audit and program review experience
  • Providing a valuable reference tool and training guide for your staff

Training for Financial Aid Offices

Whether you are implementing a new technology or responding to changes in regulations, HEAG’s financial aid consultants can provide:

  • Customized onsite training
  • Webinars
  • Training manuals
  • New staff training
  • Professional development