“HEAG’s professionalism and understanding of the issues STCC was facing made it so easy to work with you to resolve our short-term challenges and develop a blueprint for the future of our Financial Aid Office operations. Your flexibility and genuine customer-service orientation are greatly appreciated.”
– Springfield Technical Community College

HEAG provides a variety of financial aid consulting services to an array of school clients. From proprietary to two and four year colleges and universities, our list of higher education clients include a wide range of schools nationwide.

Our financial aid consulting services are tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Services include:

 Title IV Compliance Support

Meeting and following the ever-changing regulations that govern financial aid programs can be a challenge. HEAG offers a suite of Compliance Services focused on FSA compliance and can assist with issues such as the return of title iv funds. We can help you to remain administratively capable and fiscally responsible in the delivery of your school’s Title IV funds. Read more »

  Remote & Interim Staffing

We can provide you with temporary, interim placement of financial aid consultants at all levels on a short or long-term basis. Our team of consultants will provide you with invaluable assistance during transitional periods. Whether replacing a departing staff member or helping to augment your permanent staff during a busy time, HEAG is here to help. Read more »

Full Financial Aid Support & Outsourcing

Today’s financial aid offices are busier than ever. With numerous regulations and deadlines, financial aid administration can be overwhelming and filled with challenges. Many of our clients to turn to HEAG to provide full financial aid outsourcing services. We handle everything from the back-end operations to front-facing customer service for students and their families.. Read more »

 File Review & Verification Services

Getting through the application, awarding and verification process can be a daunting challenge for any Financial Aid Office. Dealing with the myriad of projects and special reports that also need to get done is equally daunting. HEAG is available to assist you with all aspects of financial aid administration and financial aid processing, in particular, the file review, awarding and verification process. Read more »

 Office Evaluations, Procedures & Training

HEAG can help your financial aid office improve efficiency and customer services. Our team of consultants can offer an objective assessment of your office operations, policies and procedures. Based on our analysis, our knowledge of current technology and our understanding of trends in student services, we will provide you with recommendations for improvement and are available to help with implementation. Read more »

Technology Support & Systems Analysis

Technology Solutions has proven to be an invaluable resource for many schools that are looking to evaluate business process and maximize the utility of their school based management software(s). The extensive list of school clients, which include two and four year, public and private, small and large institutions, demonstrates that this division can be counted on to deliver positive results when it comes to financial aid technology. Read more »