Full Financial Aid Support & Outsourcing

“We turned to HEAG because they were easily able to match us up with a staff member that had the knowledge and computer experience we needed to meet our needs.  We were very happy with the results.”  – Smith College

Let us become your financial aid office

Today’s financial aid offices are busier than ever. With numerous regulations and deadlines, financial aid administration can be overwhelming and filled with challenges. Many of our clients turn to HEAG to provide full financial aid outsourcing services. We handle everything from the back-end operations to front-facing customer service for students and their families. Our consultants are highly trained and handle all aspects of compliance while providing timely responses and top-notch customer service.

Interested in Outsourcing Your Financial Aid Services?

We provide all the resources needed to administer your financial aid programs and make sure the process is both easy to understand and easy to navigate. We integrate seamlessly with your institution, ensuring that your operations are streamlined while delivering optimal operational efficiencies.

What We Offer

Front end, back end; we take care of everything and ensure your financial aid program is compliant and successful

Experienced financial aid professionals

Our financial aid consultants have spent decades in the higher education field working in all aspects of financial aid and higher education assessment and administration.

Full Financial Aid Support Services

Front-End Office Services

We manage customer-facing inquiries while providing a high level of service and handling all student questions and requests. Our consultants are committed to providing the best experience for your students while ensuring students and families receive timely communications and prompt answers to their questions.

Back-End Office Services

Our consultants are experts in compliance and the ever-changing regulations facing colleges and universities. We provide all FSA compliance services and will ensure the delivery of your school’s Title IV funds. We also provide file review and processing services and offer fully customizable remote verification services. As a recognized third-party processor by the USDOE we are adept at managing the application, awarding and verification process for your students.

Contact Us to Learn More

HEAG provides full financial aid support and outsourcing services to a variety of colleges and universities. Give us a call at 617.928.1975 or contact us to find out how we can help your school.