Reduce Time Students Wait In Line

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Picture this. It’s right before the first week of fall classes and you have prepped staff as much as possible for the incoming deluge of students to the campus. During their visit, they will be doing everything from registering for classes, moving into dorms and, of course, finalizing their financial aid documentation. In the Financial Aid Office, you expect the usual lines out the door, possible hour plus wait times for students to be serviced and some of them visibly upset with the antiquated process.

Shorter Lines; Happier Students; Less Stress for Financial Aid Staff


But this year is different. In your department, lines are much shorter than they were last year. You look around and students are actually smiling instead of scowling because of the anticipated wait. Your staff is also much more jovial and seems to be less stressed out. What has changed? VERIFY, The Higher Education Assistance Group’s online portal system for submitting required verification documents, was put into use at the start of the academic year.

Instant Gratification with Online Verification


In a nutshell, HEAG caters to the school’s needs and removes the obligatory middleman in the verification process. Millennial students, who are used to instant gratification via systems they can access 24/7, are now able to log into their smartphones, take a picture of a required document, upload it to the portal and receive emails quickly verifylogoindicating if anything is still missing. There was never a visit to campus or a wasted stamp to place these vital documents in the mail. The needs of your study body are changing the way operations have been conducted on college campuses for decades and will continue to shift in ways that are not yet even dreamt up. We are here and ready to assist you with this technological migration.


If you would like to envision your office future in the same matter, contact us for a demonstration of how the VERIFY platform can work for you. See the File Review and Verification section of HEAG’s blog for more tips on increasing student satisfaction.