The Case of the Missing W-2

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Has someone in your office ever misfiled a W-2 in another student’s file? It can have a snowball effect. VERIFY: The Case of the Missing W-2Starting as an innocent mistake, it consumes fruitless hours of searching through files, then requires an apologetic phone call to an unhappy parent and delays your ability to verify the file by days or weeks. Meanwhile the stacks of files on your desk continue to grow.

Paper is an unnecessary burden that can get lost in the shuffle, misfiled, accidently shredded by a work-study student, the list of potential issues goes on and on.

Eliminate Lost Papers

Losing papers is one issue HEAG’s VERIFY can help eliminate.

VERIFY provides you with customizable, online document submission portal that integrates seamlessly into your school’s web presence.  Students can use their phones to take pictures of the required paperwork or upload the documents from their computer directly to the secure portal in order to receive their financial aid. Using a secure login, those same documents are instantly available to your financial aid staff.

Documents at Your Fingertips

Data storage in higher education is continuously moving to a cloud based system for access.  Our VERIFY Remote Verification Videoplatform is easy to install with minimal IT support required. We give access to only those that specifically need to retrieve sensitive documents uploaded by your student body.  That missing W-2?  With VERIFY’s document and imaging solutions, it was never missing. You are able to access it in seconds to complete verification and notify the student that their financial aid package is ready for review instead of having to make an apology call.

Verification Specialists On Demand

In addition to eliminating lost papers and huge stacks of paper files, HEAG can also complete the full file review, all required follow up communications and updates needed within your Student Information System.  Our knowledgeable Verification Specialists have decades of experience related to file review and the federal verification requirements that seem to change every year.

Because our Specialists can tackle the bulk of your federal verification requirements, it frees up your financial aid staff to focus on the ever increasing needs in other areas around your office. These hours can now be dedicated to the in-person customer service needs your students expect, enrollment reporting, new gainful employment requirements and review of the toughest professional judgment cases.

To learn more about our VERIFY services, from imaging to remote file verification, contact us today to schedule a demo.

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