VERIFYSM Remote Verification

Reduce staffing costs while improving your processing.

Let VERIFY, HEAG’s premier remote verification service, and our COMPLIANCE EXPERTS handle your verification process from start to finish.

Benefits of VERIFY

  • Decreased Staffing Costs
  • Lessened Administrative Burden
  • Reduced Compliance and Audit Risk
  • Seamless, Paperless Process
  • Access to Student Documents for Audit Purposes
  • Quality Assured File Review


  • Student Documents Protected By A Multi-Encrypted Archive
  • Customizable Options
  • Requires Minimal, If Any, IT Support
  • Real-Time Reporting and System Updates For Institutions

How It Works

“The partnership successfully allowed the Financial Aid staff to allocate more time and resources to providing students and families with a high level of service without falling behind on processing verification files.”
– Assumption College

As a VERIFY school, HEAG will provide you with the following:

  • A school-branded online document submission Portal for students to upload documents,
  • An alternative indexing tool for staff to submit document images to HEAG, and
  • A document management database to store and view all submitted document images.

HEAG will assign Verification Specialist(s) to your school to complete the verification process. Our Specialists have years of experience in financial aid consulting and have worked with all systems of record including, but not limited to, PowerFAIDS, Datatel, Banner, PeopleSoft and CampusVue.

Your designated Verification Specialist(s) will review each document for completion and accuracy. If the file is incomplete, HEAG will engage in your school’s preferred communication method to accelerate the file completion process. If the file is complete, federal verification is finished. Your school-based software is updated and information is available in real-time.


Already have an imaging system? If so, simply provide HEAG access to your current solution, forgoing the school-branded Portal, allowing you to still experience the benefits that the VERIFY remote verification service has to offer.

VERIFY can be implemented quickly with minimal IT support. Don’t delay. Contact HEAG today and find out how you can save money and improve your verification process with financial aid technology.