Melody Milner

admin Consultant

Melody began her financial aid career in 2008 as a Financial Aid Counselor at a small private college, in Massachusetts. In May of 2013, she earned a Master of Arts Degree in Business Administration. From there, she decided to continue her path in financial aid as she developed a talent for the field. Shortly after, she accepted a position at a community college in Worcester. There she served as a Senior Financial Aid Counselor and gradually progressed into the role of Title IV Compliance Analyst. This became a steppingstone towards the role of Assistant VP for Enrollment and Director of Financial Aid at the same small private college where her career had begun.
Prior to working in financial aid, Melody served as a manager in both the financial industry and the hospitality field. During this time, she developed skills in the areas of budget preparation/analysis, profit and loss analysis, accounting, cash reconciliation, customer service and staff management of a team of 35 – 50 employees. In September of 2012, she was the recipient of the Worcester Business Journal’s 40 Under Forty Award.

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Melody’s financial aid expertise lies in the areas of Federal Direct Loan program management, non-term and non-standard term aid processing, Title IV reporting and disclosure, management of state grant programs, Massachusetts No Interest Loan processing, private alternative loan processing, file Review, SAP appeal review, and more. She has strong technical abilities including use of software such as PowerFAIDS, Jenzabar and Empower. Her most valued attributes are her knowledge of regulatory compliance, strong attention to detail and easy-going nature.