Angelina Guzman

admin Consultant

Angelina has worked in the financial aid industry since 2009, beginning as a Financial Aid Specialist and rising to the Director of Financial Aid role. She has a passion for compliance and quality assurance while providing superior customer service. She is a results-oriented self-starter whose drive and sense of urgency are tempered and disciplined by her concern for the accuracy and quality of her work.

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Angelina’s approach to anything she does or is responsible for will be carefully thought out and based on analysis and detailed knowledge of all pertinent information. She is strong technically and confident in her professional knowledge with the ability to get things done quickly and correctly. Angelina has worked as a VA Certifying Official for over 10 years and has utilized financial aid systems of Gemcor, FAME, CampusVue and Banner. She has a proven track record of efficient and precise implementation of processes that foster an environment of increased production and measurable results