Ready for Verification?

Is your Institution Ready for 2018-19?

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Ready for Verification?

Nationwide, institutions are gearing up for the upcoming 2018-2019 awarding season amidst the uncertainty of potentially major changes to the federal government’s student aid programs. As enrollment pressures mount, so does the pressure that Financial Aid Offices are under to provide comprehensive financial aid packages to both current and prospective students. Since financial aid administrators are also simultaneously counseling students and their families, conducting file review, and following up on missing information, they can very easily struggle to keep up with the competing demands.

HEAG offers a number of services to assist institutions during this peak period:

• Assistance with file review, verification, awarding, and loan processing.

• Automation of your school-based software in a number of key areas including:

– Auto-packaging and Tracking

– Self-service implementation and evaluation

– Pell and Direct Loan management

– Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Our consultants have experience with all student information and financial aid management systems including Banner, Datatel/Colleague, PowerFAIDS, and Department of Education software, to name a few. Likewise, they are equipped to support your office onsite or remotely.

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