Technology Solutions

See how HEAG helped Stetson University embrace technology improve customer service, insure integrity of their financial aid programs, and more importantly, enhance both the quality and quantity of the work load.
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If your financial aid office is looking to improve workflow processes, better utilize existing technology, or implement new financial management software, HEAG’s financial aid technology consultants are ready to help.

Our Approach to Technology Projects

HEAG is experienced in all aspects of financial aid technology solutions. Our approach to technology projects is focused on creating more efficient processes that enhance student satisfaction by delivering cost-effective solutions. As financial aid compliance experts, we also work to ensure that your financial aid office is following sound business and regulatory practices.

Combining Industry and Technical Experience

Our team of professionals has spent decades working in all aspects of financial aid and higher education administration. All of our consultants have worked at two or four year colleges or universities, community colleges, graduate schools, or proprietary institutions. They have worked with virtually all software and technology systems being utilized in higher education today. Their knowledge of industry best practices and understanding of how things really work in a financial aid office means you can be assured, that at the end of the day, you will have a practical solution that is easy and cost-effective to implement.

Software and Technology Platforms

HEAG’s financial aid consultants have experience assisting two and four year colleges and universities, community colleges, graduate schools, and proprietary institutions with numerous financial aid management software platforms, including:

  • Banner
  • CampusVue
  • COD
  • Datatel
  • eCampus Based System for FISAP
  • EdConnect
  • EdExpress
  • Ellucian Colleague
  • ELM
  • FAME
  • Entrinsik Informer
  • Jenzabar
  • PeopleSoft
  • Populi
  • PowerFAIDS

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“Phenomenal support of our Financial Aid and Student AR and Banner related processes.”
– Northern Essex Community College

Colleges today are being forced to reduce overhead, improve productivity, and work more efficiently with less staff. Automation can help your school meet these goals.

Save Time and Money

HEAG’s consultants can provide financial aid offices with a comprehensive plan to streamline time consuming processes by using a combination of automation of currently manual and inefficient processes, utilizing new or existing reporting capability for error checking, and training for staff on current student information system capabilities. All of these changes can be done within the framework of your existing technological infrastructure without purchasing new hardware or software for your institution.

Focus: ISIR receipt and loading, packaging, web portal evaluation and redesign, student communications such as award letters or missing information letters, and Satisfactory Academic Progress are just some of the areas that can be streamlined and automated. Before calling HEAG, think of 2 or 3 processes that give your staff the biggest headaches or take up the largest chunk of your day. We’ll start there!

What is a Business Process Review (BPR)?
This is an evaluation of how you are using your Financial Aid System of Record. Does your system work only using base line functions? How do your processes and procedures work to ensure your policies are being followed by your system and staff? Do you have all the information, for reporting or business process decisions, that you need about your students? The goal of the BPR is to evaluate the effectiveness of your Student Information System and provide an individualized implementation plan that will improve the overall functionality and efficiency of your staff while still maintaining compliance with federal regulations.

What improvements can be made?
We can translate and adapt your financial aid business functions to integrate better with your Financial Aid System of Record.

The list is endless but here are some of the more popular improvements:

  • Address manual processes with automation
  • Auto-packaging of awards
  • New Year Roll
  • Automate standard student communication
  • Troubleshoot functionality and set up issues
  • Set up for nonstandard term and nonterm awarding and Pell processing
  • Staff training on how to use your system

How many days does a BPR take?
This review typically takes approximately five business days. The evaluation consists of an on-site examination followed by an individualized report which will provide recommendations. Additional consulting days are available to implement changes and recommendations highlighted in our report.

The end result?
At the end of the review, you will have a comprehensive and individualized guide for areas of your financial aid processing that could be streamlined and options for how to streamline those processes on your own or with the continued assistance of HEAG.

We can provide you with consulting assistance and training on all aspects of the Department of Education software.

HEAG financial aid technology consultants can help you with:

  • Participation requirements for the FSA programs
  • Participation requirements for the ED systems and software
  • Gaining access and function to FSA and ED systems such as CPS, COD, NSLDS, G5 and Reports
  • Software security, data flow, and user access
  • Direct Loan processing and reconciliation
  • Troubleshooting, as necessary

“We were particularly impressed with their willingness to sit with different members of our management team in order to emphasize the importance financial aid has in all areas of the campus, and to assist us in steps necessary for campus compliance.  Our experience with HEAG was tremendously beneficial…”
– Pine Manor College

Schools are looking for financial aid technology solutions in the many administrative areas involved in the delivery of services to students. These administrative areas are reliant on computer-based information systems to perform and support the administrative functions. These administrative offices are in need of consulting support to help either improve their system performance or integrate better with the institution’s enterprise system or other external vendor products. HEAG can provide you with this expertise in a cost effective manner.

Onsite and Remote Training for Financial Aid Offices
Whether you are implementing a new financial aid management system or responding to changes in regulations, HEAG’s financial aid consultants can provide:

  • Customized onsite training
  • Webinars
  • Training manuals
  • New staff training
  • Professional development

Sample Training Sessions:

  • Technology specific training, including Banner, PowerFAIDS, Jenzabar
  • Automated Document Requirements Training
  • Multi or Dual System Update Training
  • Budget Set up and Training
  • Automated Packaging and Training
  • Award letter training