Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) Tokens

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With the end of 2012 quickly approaching, the TFA token rollout is almost complete.  Some schools are still waiting to register their tokens for the first time, while others have their tokens, but are unsure of what to do if they need to be reassigned.  Since the tokens must be used in order to access most of the systems that financial aid administrators use daily, such as COD, CPS, NSLDS through AIMS, SAIG/EdConnect, and FSA Financial Management System (FMS).  Accessing these systems is vital so please follow the below guidance as necessary:

Registering a token for the first time:

  • Go to
  • Click ‘Register/Maintain Token’ on the upper right
  • Complete your profile
  • Enter the serial number found on the back of the token (both letters and numbers)
  • Complete 5 questions and answers without repeating either
  • Acknowledge the Terms of Service
  • Enter 2 codes consecutively (press the power button for a new code)

Reassigning a token to another user:

By Phone:

Contact the TFA Help Desk 866-441-6633 to have the token repurposed and made available for reuse.

By Email:

Direct the email to

Subject line should read: Repurpose Token

Include in the body of the email

School Institution Name


Follow up contact information

Message: Please repurpose the following tokens so they can be reassigned to new user [name]/[Token Serial Number]

Additional information about the use of the TFA tokens can be found at the IFAP Electronic Announcement posted January 13, 2012.