Twitter Weekly Recap 7/19/15 – 7/25/15

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July 19 – 25, 2015

We share industry news and stories on Twitter throughout the week at @HEAG_INC. Here is a recap of last week’s tweets.


HEAG, Inc ‏‪@HEAG_INC Jul 24

Financial aid website to refund consumers $5.2 million for bogus charges ‪ 

HEAG, Inc ‏‪@HEAG_INC Jul 23

Thanks to all who stopped by ‪@HEAG_INC Booth #514.  It was a great week and hope to see you all again next year!  ‪#NASFAA2015 ‪#heagnasfaa

HEAG, Inc ‏‪@HEAG_INC Jul 23

NASFAA National Conference Closes With Calls for Advocacy, Involvement ‪ …

HEAG, Inc ‏‪@HEAG_INC Jul 21

Fiscal Operations Report for 2014-2015 and Application to Participate for 2016-2017 (FISAP) Now Available ‪ …

HEAG, Inc ‏‪@HEAG_INC Jul 20

It’s almost Parade Time! ‪#NASFAA2015 ‪#heagnasfaa

HEAG, Inc ‏‪@HEAG_INC Jul 20

Standing Room Only “Verification 16/17” ‪@usedgov ‪#NASFAA2015 ‪#heagnasfaa

HEAG, Inc ‏‪@HEAG_INC Jul 20

Session takeaway Minimizing Liabilities in an ED Program Review. Don’t forget to take those FSA Assessments on IFAP! ‪#NASFAA2015 ‪#heagnasfaa

HEAG, Inc ‏‪@HEAG_INC Jul 20

We share news related to higher education and financial aid on Twitter ‪@HEAG_INC. Here are last week’s tweets: ‪ 

HEAG, Inc ‏‪@HEAG_INC Jul 20

Attending an informative Gainful Employment session from the ‪@usedgov  ‪#NASFAA2015  ‪#heagnasfaa

HEAG, Inc ‏‪@HEAG_INC Jul 19

NASFAA 2015 has begun!  Join us! #heagnasfaa