Twitter Weekly Recap 5/24/15 – 5/30/15

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TwitterMay 24-30, 2015

We share industry news and stories on Twitter throughout the week at @HEAG_INC. Hereis a recap of last week’s tweets.

HEAG, Inc ‏@HEAG_INC May 29  

IRS Responds to Data Breach Involving Get Transcript Application


MA Dept of Higher Ed ‏@MassDHE May 29

For-Profit College Settles Complaint Over Claims About Credits and Degrees 


EAB Daily Briefing ‏@EAB_Daily May 28

A preview of the four key focus areas of Higher Education Act reauthorization: 


HEAG, Inc ‏@HEAG_INC May 28

Federal Stafford, PLUS, SLS and Consolidation Interest Rates for July 1 2015-July 1 2016 are now available. …


HEAG, Inc ‏@HEAG_INC May 27

Webster U. Students in London Are Denied Federal Financial Aid Over Rules Violation  via @chronicle


EAB Daily Briefing ‏@EAB_Daily May 27

Higher Education Act reauthorization is coming. Here are the four key issues. 


HEAG, Inc ‏@HEAG_INC May 27

Are You Ready For Peak Processing? #constantcontact