Twitter Weekly Recap 1/10/16 – 1/16/16

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January 10 – 16, 2016

We share industry news and stories on Twitter throughout the week at @HEAG_INC. Here is a recap of last week’s tweets.


HEAG, Inc ‏‪@HEAG_INC Jan 15

Washington Post piece on ideas for fixing the student loan debt problem.

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‪ …


HEAG, Inc ‏‪@HEAG_INC Jan 14

HEAG’s Winter 2016 Newsletter is now available ‪ …


HEAG, Inc ‏‪@HEAG_INC Jan 14

Introducing HEAG’s Community College Watch a regular blog post on issues affecting community colleges in 2016 ‪ 


HEAG, Inc ‏‪@HEAG_INC Jan 14

Can colleges compensate recruiters based on graduation rates? ‪ …


HEAG, Inc ‏‪@HEAG_INC Jan 13

Delta Cost Project report outlines trends in college spending ‪ 


HEAG, Inc ‏‪@HEAG_INC Jan 12

ED Runs ‘Second Chance’ Pell Pilot for Prisoners — Campus Technology ‪ …


HEAG, Inc ‏‪@HEAG_INC Jan 11

A for-profit college has repeated its call for the U.S. Supreme Court to reverse an Eighth Circuit decision… ‪ …