Twitter Weekly Recap 10/25/15 – 10/31/15

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October 25 – 31, 2015


We share industry news and stories on Twitter throughout the week at @HEAG_INC. Here is a recap of last week’s tweets.

HEAG, Inc ‏@HEAG_INC  Oct 26

We share news related to higher education and financial aid on Twitter @HEAG_INC. Here are last week’s tweets: 

HEAG, Inc ‏@HEAG_INC  Oct 28

Education Dept pays disgraced debt collectors millions despite finding wrongdoing … via @HuffPostPol

HEAG, Inc ‏@HEAG_INC  Oct 29

U.S. Department of Education Announces Two Final Regulations to Protect Students and Help Borrowers …

HEAG, Inc ‏@HEAG_INC  Oct 30

CFPB Accuses Student Financial Aid Company of Scam | Inside Higher Ed