Twitter Weekly Recap 09/27/15 – 10/03/15

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September 27, 2015 – October 03, 2015

We share industry news and stories on Twitter throughout the week at @HEAG_INC. Here is a recap of last week’s tweets.

HEAG, Inc ‏@HEAG_INC  Sep 28

We share news related to higher education and financial aid on Twitter @HEAG_INC. Here are last week’s tweets: 

HEAG, Inc ‏@HEAG_INC  Sep 29 … #sellingoutstudents#highered #collegenews

HEAG, Inc ‏@HEAG_INC  Sep 30

Colleges flush with cash saddle poorest students with debt … via@HuffPostCollege #highered

HEAG, Inc ‏@HEAG_INC  Oct 1

Financial Aid Officers, what do you think of the changes to the FAFSA? Take our 2 question survey: 

HEAG, Inc ‏@HEAG_INC  Oct 1

Just announced! Federal student loan cohort default rate has declined to 11.8%… … @usedgov #highered

HEAG, Inc ‏@HEAG_INC  Oct 2

Colleges have many challenges, but violence and fear should never be any of them. Our thoughts are with @umpquacc …