Twitter recap

Twitter Recap – March 28th – April 1st, 2016

Melissa Maichle ., Federal Student Aid Programs, Financial Aid Industry News

We share industry news and stories on Twitter throughout the week at@HEAG_INC. Here is a recap of last week’s tweets, focusing on topics of Title IV financial aid and higher education.


3/28/16 – Financial aid fraud is a problem that offices need to be aware of, especially in online programs &

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3/29/16 –  opinion piece on the challenges students face applying for

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3/30/16 – More colleges are beginning to offer a new product to not students, but their parents.

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3/30/16 – We have an opening for a Financial Aid with Oracle’s experience

3/31/16 – A direct link to the updated Liquidation Guide for your campus program

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4/1/16 – Calling all financial aid gurus! help needed to assist students with shutdown.

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