Jazmin Martin

Ryan Holbrook Consultant

Jazmin Martin, known to her colleagues as “Jazzy”, is a Higher Education professional with 10 years of financial aid experience. She has been a noteworthy leader in a Financial Aid space. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Higher Education, her Financial Aid career began. As she continued to pursue her Master’s degree in Higher Education, her career in financial aid also catapulted and led her to the Director of Financial aid role.

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She is well versed in administering student financial aid. She has been involved in the development, administration and interpretation of financial aid policies and procedures in accordance with the federal, state, and institutional guidelines. She worked collaboratively and exercised discretion and independent judgment in carrying out all Title IV responsibilities.

Jazzy has ensured proper compliance and administration of all student programs, determined student eligibility, completed verification processes for selected students and solved conflicting information as well as other flags on the FAFSA application when applicable. She has reviewed NSLDS/COD for issues and managed federal Direct, institutional and private loans, R2T4, Pell and Cal grant aid.

When she’s not working you can find Jazzy hanging out with the two most important little people in the world, her two daughters having lots of fun.