Jay Burgess

Ryan Holbrook Consultant

Jay is a highly experienced Financial Aid professional and Revenue Data Scientist with over fifteen years of experience in the field. He holds a Master of Education from Loyola Marymount University and a Master of Data Science from Eastern University. Throughout his career, Jay has been instrumental in creating, implementing, and leading financial aid projects in various academic institutions while leveraging his data science expertise to drive revenue growth.

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As a revenue data scientist, Jay has employed advanced analytical techniques to uncover trends, patterns, and strategies for admission outreach, significantly improving these institutions’ financial aid programs. His work has reduced error reporting by 26.5% and the design and execution of enrollment strategies that resulted in a 27% increase in enrollment. These achievements have translated into more than $500,000 in revenue savings for the institutions he has worked with.

Jay’s expertise in various software and platforms, including Banner, PowerFAIDS, Colleague, Peoplesoft, Oracle, and Anthology, allows him to develop data-driven solutions that streamline financial aid processes and optimize resources. In addition, his experience in education and data science ensures that he can provide a comprehensive approach to managing financial assistance and revenue growth, making him a valuable asset to any academic institution looking to improve its financial aid programs and overall enrollment strategies.

By leveraging his skills as a revenue data scientist, Jay can significantly impact an organization’s bottom line and drive sustainable growth, ensuring that institutions can continue providing quality education and opportunities to their students.