Jabari Cummings

admin Consultant

Jabari Cummings is a Financial Aid professional with 14 years in the industry. From a Scholarships and Grants Coordinator, to FA Counselor, to Assistant Director duties, his roles and knowledge in this field have evolved and adapted with the changes in the FA environment. Jabari recently spent 5 years as a Financial Aid Consultant with various consulting agencies performing an array of different tasks, based on the needs of the particular clients.

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He has been involved in Verification review, R2T4 completion, NSLDS Reporting, SSCR Reporting, Coordinating and Managing Orientation processes, FA Counselor reviews, and hiring processes for new staff within the FA department. Jabari possesses a B.S. in Mathematics with a background in teaching middle and high school mathematics and tutoring in math and science from grades K-12. “My passion is to educate students and clients in a way that is easy to understand, applicable to their environment, and leads them to optimize their processes to achieve better results by the time our engagement has ended.”