Brenda Gamboa

Ryan Holbrook Consultant

Brenda Gamboa, Financial Aid Officer/Counselor, was born and raised in Southern California. She graduated from California State University Fullerton, majoring in child and adolescent studies. She has been involved in higher education for 10 years, and her experience ranges from private colleges, vocational, to four-year public universities.

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Brenda started her career as a Student Default Prevention Analyst, then soon after became a Financial Aid Officer/Counselor. Brenda has experience with several software platforms including CampusVue, SaintDirector, PowerFAIDS, PeopleSoft, ED Connect, Colleague, ELM, CPS, NSLDS, COD, and ImageNow. Brenda has been part of many workshop campaigns directed towards students, faculty, and staff. Examples of the workshops: Financial Aid Literacy, Financial Aid for Graduates, Income Appeals, What is SAP?, and How to Maintain Financial Aid.
Brenda has been part of federal and state audits where there were zero findings. She has worked with a vast number of diverse students: Traditional, Non-traditional, Veteran’s, Undergraduates, Graduates and Doctoral students. She has experience working with Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals, Professional Judgment Appeals, dependency overrides, budget appeals, verification, reconciliation, disenrollment, awarding, and disbursing. Brenda also has management experience, serving as Interim Director of Financial Aid during a medical emergency where she proved her leadership skills and demonstrated her ability to lead by example and had her team meet their packaging goals.