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We are pleased to announce the following additions to our consultant staff…



Joshua Bordis, a member of the HEAG team since 2014, has now been appointed to the position of Senior Financial Aid Consultant/ Systems Analyst with HEAG. He has an expertise in Banner, PowerFAIDs, Excel, Access report writing, Argos reporting software including datablock design, SQL programming language, and all federal financial aid software tools. We are pleased to have Josh on board with us in a full-time capacity.



Joseph Gilchrist is the newest HEAG Financial Aid Consultant, having joined us this past fall. Joe has more than 29 years experience as a Director of Financial Aid and a Vice President of Financial Aid. He graduated from Clemson University in 1980 and then spent four years in the U.S. Air Force. He has worked at several proprietary schools in Georgia and South Carolina, and more recently worked at Hodges University, a private, non-profit university in Naples, Florida for over 20 years. He is skilled in both Title IV compliance and Ellucian’s Datatel/Colleague system. We are thrilled to welcome Joe to the HEAG team.



Kelly Knight comes to HEAG with a background that includes 10 years of experience in Student Financial Services, including the administration of federal, state, and Veteran Affairs financial aid. Currently the founder and president of Community College Partners, Kelly specializes in working with community and technical colleges throughout the United States, and is the author of the Survey of College Attendance Barriers, an instrument used by college leadership teams to examine barriers faced by constituents that prevent them from attending college after completing the college application process.

Building on his experience as a Director of Student Financial Services at a four-year private institution, Kelly was hired as the Director of Financial Aid for a community college in the southern United States. His specific charge was to combine the financial aid offices of two colleges and nine campuses into one cohesive, centralized financial aid unit after the colleges were merged by the state. With a master’s degree in psychology, and a focus on organizational psychology, Kelly has the background and foundation needed to expertly foster a proactive, student centered environment through employee development in which students receive exceptional service. At the 2015 conference of the Louisiana Community and Technical College System, Kelly presented The Role of the Financial Aid Office in the recruitment, retention, and graduation of tomorrow’s Louisiana Workforce. As a volunteer, he served as the publications chair for the Louisiana Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators for the 2015 aid year. Building on this experience, Kelly is currently a doctoral student in Old Dominion University’s Community College Leadership program. An article written by Kelly, The High Cost of Higher Education: Investment or Burden? was nominated for inclusion in Academic Perspectives in Higher Education by faculty members at Old Dominion University.