FSA Conference Presentation on Verification Outlines Changes for 13-14

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Below are the highlights of Verification changes:

– The CPS will continue to set a Verification Flag on the applicant’s ISIR to indicate that the FAFSA was selected for verfication.

– Two additional verification selection items: High School Completion Status and Identity/Statement of Education Purpose.

– New for 2013-2014: Verification Tracking Groups:

– The CPS is adding a process that will place each applicant selected for verification into one of the five Verification Tracking Groups: V1, V2, V3, V4 or V5.

Verification Tracking Flag Verification Tracking Group Verification Description
V1 Standard Verification Record selected because conditions based on statistical analysis error-prone risk model were met
V2 SNAP Verification Record selected for receipt of SNAP criteria only
V3 Child Support Paid Verification Record selected for Child Support Paid criteria only
V4 Custom Verification Group Record selected for Identity criteria only
V5 Aggregate Verification Group Record selected for Identity criteria and “Standard Verification” criteria
Blank Not selected for verification