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April is Financial Literacy Month

Melissa Maichle ., Fiduciary Responsibilities, Student Services

HEAG will be posting resources and news throughout the month of April for Financial Literacy Month.  From that link, you can gain easy access to online worksheets such as calculating your own net worth to figuring out money-roll-1455040901op2your most pressing financial priorities.  There are many free tools available to not just college students but for those looking to improve their own financial well being at any age.

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Does your college have a Financial Literacy website? Here are a few examples:


Boston College

Creighton College

Georgia State University

Gettysburg College

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

Need some helpful ideas for your students?  Here are a variety of activities you could list on your website keep them engaged and informed about financial literacy:


Can you ace this financial literacy quiz? 

Play financial football!

CashCourse – Your Real-Life Money Guide

And here are some articles around the web regarding how important financial literacy is for college students and what we can potentially do in our organizations to combat the ever increasing gap of knowledge:


The Financial Literacy Gap Costs College Graduates Thousands

Closing the Financial Literacy Gap to Combat Student Debt

College Students Fail When It Comes to Financial Literacy

College Freshman Flunk Financial Literacy 101

It’s important to keep students engaged and unfortunately, they are not always learning about necessary topics in the classroom.  The sooner students understand the concept of monthly budgeting, the better off your future student loan default rates may be.  Keeping students engaged about their own personal finances is a hot topic that will pay dividends in the future for all of those involved.  Be at the forefront of providing tools to help your students succeed in life beyond graduation and become yet another resource in your Financial Aid Office they can rely on for helpful and accurate financial information.