Sharetta McKenzie

Ryan Holbrook Consultant

Sharetta McKenzie is a distinguished executive professional with over twenty-five years of experience in the higher education industry. Her remarkable career has been marked by her exceptional ability to foster growth, drive profitability, and consistently achieve high-level results while upholding an unwavering commitment to delivering exemplary customer service. She is recognized as a dynamic and innovative leader who thrives as a strategic thought partner and trusted advisor to executive teams.

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Sharetta’s extensive expertise spans a range of critical areas, including financial aid and scholarship program planning, financial aid & VA regulations, compliance strategies, financial management, and budget oversight. Her skills extend to analytical problem-solving, negotiation, enrollment management, and accounts receivable leadership. With proficiency in financial reporting, forecasting, Title IV compliance, and auditing, she ensures the integrity and quality of student financial services operations.

Sharetta has held several key positions throughout her distinguished career, including Regional Director of Financial Aid, Corporate Director of Finance, and Dean of Student Central (one-stop shop).Her accomplishments extend beyond her leadership roles, as she has played a pivotal role in assisting multiple schools with re-affirmation accreditation, change of ownerships, program reviews, and state and federal audits, including VA audits, all with impeccable records of no findings.

One of Sharetta’s most significant achievements is her dedication to mentoring and developing staff members, many of whom now hold prominent positions in higher education. She remains a mentor to many, and they continue to reach out to her for guidance and support. Throughout Sharetta’s career, she has made significant contributions to the development of Standard Processes and Best Practices, further enhancing industry excellence and efficiency.

Sharetta thrives on challenges, and her high-energy approach to leadership is infectious, inspiring her teams to reach new heights. Her expertise extends to her in-depth knowledge of regulatory compliance, including FERPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and GAAP, which she skillfully incorporates into her roles to maintain the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

Sharetta McKenzie’s remarkable career reflects a profound commitment to excellence, integrity, and compliance, making her a valuable asset in the higher education landscape. As a visionary leader in the field, she has driven transformational change, streamlined operations, and consistently surpassed key performance indicators.