Lisa Andrews

Ryan Holbrook Consultant

Lisa is a financial aid professional with seven years of experience in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training from Florida State University and a Master of Science in Sport Management from the University of Southern Mississippi.

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She began her career working as a financial aid representative at a community college advising and counseling students while learning about the financial aid profession. She then moved on to a large private not-for-profit university as an Assistant Director. Her areas of expertise are Federal and Private loan certification and disbursement, Intuitional and Federal Verification and process training. She has experience working with Title IV programs, Federal and Private loan certification and origination, award packaging, disbursement, verification, institutional review, exit counseling and Federal Community Service. Lisa has experience with PowerFAIDS, Great Lakes, College Board/IDOCs and ECM Perceptive Content, as well as many federal systems like NSLDS, COD, CPS, and EDConnect.

She is an active member of the Pennsylvania Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (PASFAA) and National Association of Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA). In her free time, she loves to travel and spend time with family and friends. She also enjoys attending concerts and sporting events.