AnnMarie Kuchenreuther

Ryan Holbrook Consultant

AnnMarie Kuchenreuther is a Higher Education Professional with over 10 years of extensive experience in financial aid, counseling parents and students on how to fund their education. She is a compassionate leader and self-starter. She has a passion for
helping students, parents and staff understand the financial aid process and training financial aid professionals on current federal student aid regulations, state programs and scholarships and institutional policy. AnnMarie began her career in financial aid at a 4-year state college in 2012 as a Financial Aid Specialist and an Interim SAP Coordinator. She is currently the Assistant Director of Financial Aid and State Programs Coordinator at a private university that offers 4-year, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees in healthcare.

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She has experience in many areas of financial aid such as verification, disbursement of federal, state, and institutional aid, state programs, reconciliation, R2T4, professional judgements, unusual enrollment history, dependency overrides, private loan certification, COA, and SAP. She also has experience with several financial aid software and federal systems: People Soft, PowerFAIDS, Net Partner, Campus Logic, Sonis, Cadence Mongoose, OnBase and NSLDS, COD and CPS. She is also the point of contact for internal troubleshooting of PowerFAIDS, Campus Logic in her current role.