Kristen Gast

Ryan Holbrook Consultant

Kristen Gast is a dedicated Financial Aid professional with over 17 years of expertise. Her primary goal is to provide comprehensive guidance to educational entities on managing financial aid effectively. With extensive experience working with community colleges, public and private institutions, she has developed a passion for helping schools maintain compliance and enhance their service delivery.

Throughout her career, She has honed her skills in identifying and addressing the complex financial needs of diverse student populations. She excels in supporting schools in maintaining compliance with federal regulations and enhancing their financial aid services to better serve students. Due to her extensive knowledge of financial aid administration, she is well positioned to provide insightful guidance and expert recommendations to assist institutions in achieving their financial aid goals.

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In her role as Director of Financial Aid for 14 years, Kristen has worked in institutions in the public, private and community college sectors . Kristen has been an active speaker at multiple financial aid conferences throughout her career and was nominated for a NASFAA gold star in 2018. Kristen has also been a member and volunteered for both state and regional financial aid administrator associations, including GASFAA, SASFAA, RMASFAA, OASFAA, RMASFAA, WYASFAA to name a few.

Kristen has experience working with all the Department of Education systems as well as BANNER and Colleague, Campuslogic systems such as Scholarship Universe, Student Forms and more.