Karen Van Dyne

Ryan Holbrook Executive Staff

Director of Business Affairs

Karen Van Dyne is a seasoned leader in higher education administration with a passion for access to education for learners of all backgrounds. With over two decades of experience in student affairs and financial aid, Karen has dedicated her career to ensuring that every student has a chance to succeed. Her areas of expertise include all Title IV, Title IX, ADA/504, and Clery Act compliance requirements and best practices. In her last position, Karen shaped institutional policies and created departments that fostered inclusivity and accessibility. A passionate advocate for her students, Karen has earned recognition from her colleagues as a champion for educational equity.

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As a dedicated educator, Karen is also a mentor to aspiring higher education leaders, guiding them in navigating the complex intersection of financial aid, administration, and student services. She believes in cultivating a network of professionals committed to advancing educational opportunities for all, regardless of financial barriers.