Heather Shalley

Ryan Holbrook Consultant

Heather is a highly experience financial aid professional with over 20 years of experience in higher education enrollment management. During the past year, she has served as front line customer service to the Vice President of Enrollment Management. The various roles have given her a wide range of experience in not only financial aid policy and procedures, to programming automation, and even has experience in the servicing of loans, they also allow her to understand how all the offices need to work together to create the strongest teams to be success in the competitive environment.

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Heather has experience in customer service, verification, R2T4 calculations, reconciliations, ECAR/PPA updates, FISAP completion, institutional aid policies, and revenue forecasting. Her various roles have allowed her to streamline processes and ensure that offices are using the systems to the best of their abilities in order to maintain consistency and efficiency in order to provide timely and accurate information to students. She has experience in PowerFAIDS, PeopleSoft, and Anthology.
Heather holds a Master’s in Higher Education Administration and a Doctoral degree in Education Leadership and Management.