Fargeleh Quiwonkpa

Ryan Holbrook Consultant

Fargeleh began her higher education career in 2007 at Strayer University and has subsequently worked at Morgan State University, Laureate Education Inc, (Walden University, Kendall College, and University of St. Augustine), and Coppin State University.
She worked as a Financial Aid Rep, Financial Aid Counselor, Student Support Coordinator, Senior Student Financial Services Lead, and Business Office Manager. Her experiences include but are not limited to Title IV Processing, State Grants and Scholarships, Customer Service, Technical Support, Training, and Academic/Student Support. She has experience working with PowerFAIDS, Banner, Salesforce, PeopleSoft, SFP, NSLDS, COD, Blackboard and Onyx.

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Fargeleh holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Business and a Master’s in Education with a concentration in Adult Learning from Strayer University. She is a native of Liberia, West Africa and resides in Maryland.