Erica Cummins

admin Consultant

Erica Cummins is a Financial Aid professional with 17 years of experience working in selective, private institutions of higher education. Her B.A. in Forensic Accounting provided her with many of the tools needed to start her career in financial aid, with a strong emphasis on auditing, federal taxes, and understanding tax law. Erica has spent much of her career at Brown University and Connecticut College. While serving at these institutions, she gained extensive knowledge of federal and institutional methodology, the federal verification process, Veterans educational benefits, directly counseling students and more.

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Most recently, Erica was a part of the management team at Brown University in which she supervised several financial aid counselors and support staff team members. In each of her roles, Erica has always had a strong emphasis on providing exceptional customer service to students and families. Since much of her career has been working for institutions that provide their own institutional aid, as well as federal aid, Erica has used the CSS Profile and IDOC to review application materials to determine institutional aid. As a part of institutional based file review, Erica has extensive knowledge in reviewing both personal and business tax returns, including sole proprietorship, partnership and corporate returns. In addition, Erica has experience with several software systems including Banner, PowerFAIDS, and SLATE.