Daniel Matamoros

Ryan Holbrook Consultant

Daniel began his career in Financial Aid in 2015 working as a Financial Aid Advisor, and his innate curiosity and sincere care for students have propelled him to a variety of leadership roles in financial aid since. Continuously seeking hands-on experience, Daniel has had supervision roles over a multiplicity of programs, including verification, private and public loan certifications, special circumstance appeal processing, being the liaison for residence life and study abroad budget adjustments, outside scholarships, tuition benefit, NCAA Division I athletic awards, and corporate discount processing.

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Daniel has also assisted with the implementation of medical tuition-remission initiatives and has completed trainings on FSA programs and regulations for internal and external constituents, earning multiple NASFAA U Credentials including most recently the FAAC® designation.

Daniel prides himself on his ability to develop and execute comprehensive outreach and retention initiatives to bolster student engagement, rooted in serving first-generation and limited-income students. By becoming a Certified Educator in Personal Finance, Daniel has expanded his counseling and advising skills to include financial wellness and financial literacy, overseeing the curation and promotion of initiatives to best respond to the targeted needs of students experiencing acute financial hardship situations. Daniel has systems knowledge of PeopleSoft, DocFinity, EdConnect, ELM Resources, ECSI, COD, NSLDS, FAA Access, and SAIG. Daniel has also assisted in the preparation of major reports including FISAP, Common Origination Data, and other audit requests, and is excited to bring his experience to bear in support of all students.