Constance Lacey

Ryan Holbrook Consultant

Constance has been in Financial Aid since 1976 where she started in the field as Secretary to Associate Director of Financial Aid at Georgia State University. Two years later she was Director of Financial Aid at Clayton Junior College, now Clayton State University.

At the request and recommendation of the Director of Financial aid at Georgia State University, she returned there as an Assistance Director. Constance later became Director of Financial Aid at The American College for 12 years. She managed several financial aid offices at campuses in Atlanta, Los Angeles, London and Dubai. She successfully implemented the MicroFAIDS software (later upgraded to PowerFAIDS) at The American College. The college was completely manual prior to her coming on board. American College was later sold to a large conglomerate of schools.

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She has served as President of the Georgia Association of Student Financial Aid Administration (GASFAA) and served on the SASFAA Board. Prior to being President of GASFAA, she served as VP of Programs and VP of Training for the organization. She later retired after The American College was sold to a larger conglomerate but continued to work independently consulting occasionally with various schools.

In 2019 she returned full time to work as a Financial Aid Specialist at a college in Atlanta. After a year, she was promoted to Director of Compliance. She continued to work for the college until coming on board with HEAG.