F. Duane Quinn

F. Duane Quinn was most recently Special Assistant to the President for American Student Assistance (ASA®), a national guarantor of student loans located in Boston, MA. He previously held the position of Director of Wellness Outreach in which he promoted ASA’s “Student Success” activities which advance student financial literacy, retention, loan repayment and default prevention. For the prior twenty three years, however, he was employed as a financial aid administrator at a variety of institutions, among them: Clark University; Brandeis University and Lesley University. He has been a resident staff member of the Harvard Institute on College Admissions since 1989. He also serves as a resident faculty member at the Summer Financial Aid Institute sponsored by the New England Regional office of The College Board. He has held a number of elected and appointed positions with both the Massachusetts and Eastern Associations of Student Financial Aid Administrators (MASFAA / EASFAA), and has acted on the advisory boards of numerous organizations advocating student aid. He is the recipient of the Charles “Jack” Sheehan Distinguished Service Award (MASFAA) and the Mapping-Your Future Excellence Award.